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发布日期:2020/6/3 15:30:05
 As soon as you wake up, place a phone call to whoever is expecting you, informing them you'll be late this morning.

This person will, most likely, be your immediate supervisor. This will remove all doubt as to your whereabouts. It is advisable to express some type of regret during the call and that you'll be there within ____ minutes. Be generous on your time estimate and arrive before then.


whereabouts:既可作名词也可以作副词,末尾的s不是复数的意思,不能省略。作名词时,意为(人或物)所在的地方;下落;行踪。例句:His whereabouts are/is still unknown.他仍然下落不明。当whereabouts作副词时,表示(用以询问大概的地方)在什么地方,在哪里。例句:Whereabouts did you find it? 你在哪儿找到它的?在上文里,指的是睡过头的员工得通知公司的同事或上司你得晚到的消息,以免大家担心你的行踪。

time estimate: estimate在此作名词,与time组成短语,意为“大概时间”,也就是对到达公司所用的时间的估计。

Something along the lines of this should do.

Don't chit chat.

Don't try to make up a dumb excuse that you believe will sound semi-plausible. Just get ready as quickly as possible and get your butt to work. Don't speed, endangering the lives of innocent others. You'll probably want to give up your daily morning visit to Starbucks on the way.


chit chat: 非正式文体,意为闲聊,聊天。同义词是chat。

plausible: 形容词,有两种解释:1)有道理的,可信的;2)巧言令色的;花言巧语的。此处为第一种意思,类似的例句有:Her story sounded perfectly plausible.她的说辞听起来言之有理。在本文里semi-plausible,词缀semi- 有“半,部分”的意思。在这里整句话意为捏造让自己觉得听起来还挺可信的借口。

When you arrive at the office, there is no need to make a big announcement to everyone to why you were late. Honestly, your co-workers don't really care. Just have a seat and start your day.

Depends upon the reason and how I feel at the time. 这得取决于睡过头的原因以及当下的身体状况。

If I overslept because I am ill, I always call in absent to work.

Unless they ABSOLUTELY need me (which is very rare) it’s better, in my opinion for me to stay home and get well than it is to go into work and do a half-assed job on a shortened work day.



half-assed job:不称职的工作, 没有完整计划的。

acutely: 词根是acute,形容词,意为“严重的(情况);剧烈的(疼痛);敏锐的(观察力);急性的(疾病)”,在此acutely sensitive表示对……强烈敏感。

If it was because I couldn’t sleep or didn’t sleep well, I go to work.

While I’m tired, my not being able to sleep (unless it was because of illness) is my problem, not my employer’s. I call in, state that I’m going to be late and then go to work.

If/when I overslept due to my excessive use of alcohol the night before I still go into work.

I get up, call my boss tell him/her that I overslept and I get to work as soon as possible. Again, my overindulgence is my issue, so I go in and take my lumps.


overindulgence: indulgence意为纵欲,放纵,动词形式是indulge。前缀over-有“超过,多于,过度”的意思。在上文意为对酒精摄入过度放纵自己,也就是毫无节制地喝酒。

So in short, unless I am sick, if I oversleep I get up, call my job letting them know that I’m running late and I head into work.

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